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Vedic Astrology can be defined as the science explains in details the planetary movements and positions in respect to day and time. It has many things in common with Western astrology. There are twelve Zodiac signs present, which have the ability to influence your decisions, thus helping to determine your future. It also follows the movement of the planets as to whether you receive positive influence or negative influences through them, much like in Ancient Greek mythology.

Vedic astrology was documented by the Maharishi Wise Men and appears throughout Hindu scripture. A big difference between Western and Vedic astrology is the existence of Rahu and Ketu. Appearing in Vedic astrology , along with the same celestial objects in Western astrology , is Rahu and Ketu. Their existence, according to Hindu mythology , is a result of a demon being decapitated. Rahu the head became immortal while Ketu the remaining body was left as a mortal. They became enemies of the sun and the moon, and it is said that Rahu and Ketu swallowed up The Sun and The Moon , thus causing an eclipse.

Rahu and Ketu are considered to be invisible planets but really represent the North lunar node pole and the South lunar node. There are twelve signs in the Zodiac , each one belonging to certain Malefic and Benefic planet. Not only that, but some planets are neutral in the signs. The planets hold different meanings depending on your personal astrological signs. For example, someone could have Mars as a Benefic planet due to their Zodiac sign but someone else could have Mars as a Malefic planet due to their Zodiac sign. Here is a list of astrological signs and their types of planets :. Malefic planets — Mercury.

Neutral planets — Saturn , Venus and Mars. Benefic planets — Saturn , Venus and Mercury. Malefic planets — Jupiter , The Moon , and Mars. Neutral planet — The Sun. Benefic planets — Venus and Saturn. Malefic planets — Jupiter and Mars. Benefic planets — The Moon and Mars. Malefic planets — Mercury and Saturn. Neutral planet — The Sun , Venus , and Jupiter.

Benefic planets — The Sun and Mars. Neutral planet — Jupiter. Benefic planets — Venus and Mercury. Since Moon and Sun are friends and 12th is the only house moon rules, it will remain overall friendly for the Leo ascendant. These ascendants have similar planetary benefics and malefics — mars as yoga karaka and saturn, venus and mercury as functional malefics.

First of all, many thanks on your wonderful blog, and the knowledge you share so willingly with us. In your opinion, is Venus a benefic planet for Taurus Lagna, since it does rule the 1st and the 6th house? However, if I am not mistaken, for Scorpio Lagna Parashara puts Mars as a benefic even though it rules the 1st and the 6th.

I am confused…. Technical take on this — A general malefic owning a Kendra loses its benefic nature and a general malefic owning a Kendra loses its malefic nature. Owner of 6th is usually always negative to some extent. But if the other house it owns is a trikon 1,5,9 then the actual nature becomes mixed as 1,5,9 are always functionally benefic. Generally negative things. Mars ruling or sitting in 6th will activate these. So mars remains a dicey planet, capable of producing some yoga but also injury and sickness for scorpio ascendant.

Hence when it rules both 1st and 6th, it will tend to give more effects of 1st and hence benefic but with some evil touch due to 6th. So in my experience neutral. Thank you for your response…As you can imagine, my question had somewhat of an ulterior motive, since I am Taurus lagna. Saturn is placed in Pisces. For the above D-1, if Jupiter is placed in the 3rd house in D-9 Capricorn ascendant virgottam is Jupiter in maraksthana? To add, the 7th lord Sun F-neutral is sitting in the 6th house; I see a not-so-good parivartan between 6th and 7th lords.

This is not a particularly good position for Jupiter especially for a female, am I correct? It has no kendradipati dosha for aquarius. Or any other scenario.. Thanks VS. Or is that Jupiter in its MK tends to participate in the good and bad outcomes of the bhaav in combination with other planets?


Sri VS: For Taurus asc, is moon a functional malefic 3rd house lord? Krishna Paksha in UttarabhadraPada at 7 degrees, conjuct Ketu at 14 degress, ascendant is 10 degrees. In these 2 cases, one is a perm- enemy and the other is a perm- friend. Related: Venus is lord of 6th and in its MK; is it because it is the lord? If true, can the asc lord ever be a FM? It will get modified in the horoscope as per the placement, aspects, dignity and divisionals of the planet.

Venus will remain benefic for Taurus in the materialistic way, but can give bad health even if slightly afflicted. Same for mars for scorpio rising. Planet ruling lagna will always tend to give positive results if placed well moon and sun, will never become outright malefics for any lagna. So a well placed moon for Taurus lagna will give good results and a bad placed moon for cancer rising will give bad results as well. You have listed it as a FM; is it due to the 8-th house lordship that tilts it towards being a FM?

Related question: If a FM occupies its own house, does it make a difference? You have it as neutral; why? Natural Benefic and Natural Malefic. I have two questions. The chart I am using to for this exercise, has Sun and Mercury in the 6th house from the gemini ascendant in the sign of Scorpio. Since it was in conjunction with the sun I thought it could be ill associated but then when I looked at your example I see the Mercury is in the 6th chart with the Sun and you had pegged that as a natural benefic. Any pointers on how to conclude whether mercury is a well associated or ill associated one?

Also if mercury is conjunct or aspected by Jupiter or venus, it becomes a natural benefic and malefic if conjunct or close aspected by mars, Saturn, rahu or ketu. But it should be more than 8 degrees from sun to remain unafflicted. If mercury lord of 6th and 9th joins Saturn lord 1st and 2nd in 8th house when both are FB for Capr. Sri VS: If a functional benefic in good dignity sits in 3,6,8,11,12 does it do good to the house?

Also, how about partculary the 11th? I am asking this F-malefics sitting in 3,6,8,12 is considered good on Upachya basis is the 11th included here? I am seeing the transit today. Sun is in the 10th, retrograde Jupiter is in 2nd speech. This official is blurting out stuff that could jeopardize his job. The dasa is Jupiter. Any comments? Not at all VS. I am sorry if I came across like that. The vakri part is the soul of the question. Hence a retro Jupiter in a mercurial sign of speech can make for sudden and unpredictable speech patterns.

Hi VS, In your quantification what is the Temporal friend column? For a Scorpio asc, if Saturn is a temporal friend wrt all planets based on its placement in natal chart wrt other planets.

Planets in Vedic Astrology – Significance, Aspects, & Conjunction

How is this saturn taken into account? Other placements are temporary enemies. Might need a data dictionary to understand your excel, but thank you for posting it. And hope you can update this post with more detail. Eg How lordship benefic for saturn gets 3 points or venus gets 2. Is this true? If true, why? Thanks Vivek. I realize that there exists differences in opinion between astrologers; however, since both authors take BPHS as the main source, why the difference? Yes different texts and astrologers have varying opinions.

I go by actual real life experience of s of horoscopes. I feel that the only way to be more accurate is by observations of real case studies as opposed to pure text. Does not mean that text is any less important. However once text has been mastered to some extent, case studies should dictate real world results. Saturn for scorpio can give materialistic gains but is bad for the health and longevity for a scorpio ascendant.

But all depends on the placement, dignity and aspects on saturn. Any known personality in any field is a case study. Signs owned by natural benefics are benefic signs — owned by Jupiter and Venus if Mercury is well placed and well aspected in the chart then Virgo and Gemini become beneficial signs as well. Which houses it must be in to be bad for health and longevity? I read that for Scorpio, as it rules 3rd and 4th sukhasthana houses, may give rajyoga in specific cases. I also read that if Saturn is debilitated i. Mars as lagna lord is also an evil planet as its Mooltrikona is in the 6th bhaav.

Aries Ascendant

As Saturn is a natural marak killer and owning 3rd house, it becomes evil. In scorpio lagna, ruled by its arch enemy Mars, it can give material assets and property due to being 4th lord but will cause ill health and sudden evil effects. Hi VS.. Also,saturn would be yogakaraka from moon sign in this case. Hi yes there will be a raj yoga but since it is a dusthana placement and since the involved planets are inimical to each other, it will only fructify in a limited manner depending on other aspects on the combination as well as on the strength and placement of the depositor venus in this scenario.

Sri VS: When a natural benefic becomes a FM due to KAD and in case-2 it is due to owning the 6th and 11th, is the level of damage to the significations the same? Saturn is a Yogakaaraka owns 9th and 10th house for me: Taurus Ascendent. The Shadbala is 5. Can you please share your thoughts on the relationship between a planet being a Yogakaaraka and the same planet having a low Vimsopaka Bala Dasa score. It depends on lots of parameters including placements, aspects, yogas, divisional placements, bhaav strength etc etc. I highly recommend folks not to get into this and start making predictions and conclusions with the limited knowledge and lack of requisite experience.

Vs Sir. Please clarify…. What if such an exalted Saturn has very low Shad bala and Vimsopaka bala? Will it still be able to give good results during its Dasa? Just wanted to know which gains more weightage.. If the placement, dignity , aspects are good, even a planet with low Shad bala can give good results. Mars will tend to act neutral for Aquarius. Am I right? Let us say Mars is placed in one of its good signs like Leo or Aries or Scorpio.. But it is placed in a dusthanas like 6 , 8 or I am confused how will be its aspect on other planets..

Should we consider its aspects from the Lagna chart or do we need to consider the aspects from th chalit chart? I think yes. I believe no since that is the natal position. In above chart and in the row of Capricorn ascendant Mars is missed. Its not present in any column. Mars will remain neutral for Capricorn.

Sun is enemy of Saturn and owns 8th house. Not the ownerships as much. Sir, You mentioned about sun being malefic if placed in 10th house for Capricorn ascendent. Will this be applicable throughout that person professional life. Also will the severity be felt highly during sun MD.

Please share your thoughts. Which ascendent or moon sign person should avoid marrying each other. Also which nakshatras should avoid coming togther. But in general matching in very specific to each horoscope and no general rules exist. If the reminder is 2,4,6,8 then matching is good. If it is 5 it is tolerable. If the reminder is 1, 3, 7 then there is no matching. How can one gauge the effectiveness of the planets degree-wise i.

Please share. Regards, Adi. How about the dignity of Mars for Aquarius owner of 3rd and 10th house? Mars can give very good results for career if well placed. By itself it will remain an evil planet due to MK sign in the 3rd sign which is evil in nature and in general mars is an evil planet also.

Also, Mercury is the owner of 5th and 8th house, and the MK is in 8th house which is a bad house but Saturn and Mercury are friends.

How would the placement of Mercury say in the 8th house itself, which is an exalted house for Mercury be? I see that for Capricorn you have mentioned only Sun owner of 8th house as -ve planet, whereas for Aquarius you have mentioned both Moon and Sun owners of 6th and 7th as -ve. Why is that the case? A waxing moon as the owner of 7th house for Capricorn may not be -ve. Is that why? What if it is waning? Or is there another reason? Its not as much about waxing and waning 6th lord always negative and hence for Aquarius, Moon is a malefic.

Sun and Saturn are arch enemies and due to mutual 2 way enmity, they remain hostile to each other in both lagnas. Likewise as per general rules, a malefic owning a Kendra is a benefic etc. Jupiter feels neutral to Saturn. Saturn feels neutral to Jupiter. Jupiter hence will not really be a malefic and rather a neutral planet. I had another general question. What do you think about combustion by sun in general? What if the combusted planet was in its exalted or MK sign? How should we analyze combustion by sun in general?

For lagnas for which sun is a -ve planet i. Actually, Amitabh Bachchan had Mercury MD from … and that period was initially bad for him as his music company almost went bankrupt in the early 90s but later he had a turnaround due to KBC and once again achieved greatness that he was accustomed to in the 70s and early 80s in the eyes of the public.

Retrograde mercury and Direct Venus are Not combust. Then would Mercury MD have been better or worse? It is close to a debiliated venus and a neecha abhilashi sun and an afflicted inmical mars. But being 5th lord and exalted and balli, it is good also. Also trinal to the lagna lord as well as conjunct with the yoga karaka venus. Hence mixed effects are evident due to coexisting bad and good.

In trikon , the first house is ruled by Saturn. In kendra , the seventh house has Saturn in cancer and in full strength.

What are Functional Malefic planets in Astrology

Can Saturn being the rasi swami and occupying lagnesh be considered as bhavat bhavaam. An auspicious or lucky. Is this agreed by most astrologers or is a contentious point? Also what if Mercury is deeply combust within 1 degree of sun? How does other factors like good placement, Vargottam status and rashi sandhi play on a retrograde combust Mercury? Also the combustion of these internal planets is just upto 3 or 4 degrees max. Thanks Vivekji.

Sir, how does one judge a deeply combust, retrograde, virgottam, rashi-sandhi and well placed graha. I mean there are too many additional factors to look at. Can we conclude the following: 1. So if this planets rules good houses and is in a good rashi, he will be strong enough to perform his functional and generic duties. Venus, 3rd and 8th lord, placed in 4th from Meena lagna in Gemini.

How will you rate Venus in this case basis the facts: Venus is natural benefic but Functional Malefic for meena lagna. Secondly, it is placed in angular house in mitra rashi Mercury. However, Mercury is receiving 3rd aspect from Satur. I have said this many times before. Good exists with the bad. Kindly let me know. The same is true for Capricorn-ending folks. Jupiter is the greater benefic, so one should expect it to give average or above average results, but it is also the owner of 11th house, which by ownership is a bad house.

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And, also it owns the second house, which is a marak house. Based on your description on this site, you said that for 2nd owner, look at their other house, which in this case is 11th and hence bad. As I have said many times, generalizing that Jupiter is bad or good for all x lagna people is flawed. In general, is sun considered to be malefic for Capricorn ascendent.

At some point during ones life they have to face his fury. Please share, Vh. If sun is placed well and aspected well, adversity can lead to eventual good for the person. Can such combination lead to career break during Sun MD or else help in getting a job during Jupiter Ad or transit from moon over favorable house like 9, 11, 2 or 5 or during retrogression. Venus if strong and non combust, will keep protecting its significations. Vivek, For a Aquarius lagna, Yogakkara Venus sits in the 6th neutral since Moon sits in the 7th ; Venus is 1 degree from bhaav-madhya and Moon is 12 degrees away.

It is malefic from ascendant but yogakaraka wrt moon sign. It is sitting in Capricon. As always, your insight is appreciated. Fisrt of all, thansk for sharing your profound knowledge. But I have some questions:. How do I measure and put this points? Divide it by 6 to get the figure approximately. Keep in mind some of these are subjective weights and strengths learnt from hit and trial over thousands of horoscopes and hence not a formula claimed to be comprehensive and true in all conditions.

It is meant to give guidance and instead of making astrology a completely mathematical exercise, prediction comes true usually from long term case studies over s of charts when the astrologer learns to combine theory with practice and develop an intuition regarding the planets. Please give me reply to my mail. Mercury is highly impressionable. It becomes benefic or malefic based on how close it is placed from other planets. One question VS ji..

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For example , with respect to Sun, placement within how many degrees radius will make Mercury Combust, then conjunct and then not conjunct? Please let me know. Am I understanding it right? Upto 12 to even 15 degrees also 2 planets interact. Dear Sir, I have a question regarding aspects, My ascendant is Pisces with a waxing Moon located in the 6th house.

Will the aspect of my moon become malefic here due to it sitting in a dushtana. Kindly help me with this as I am trying to understand how to determine the nature of aspects, i. Only thing is that its aspect might be doing lesser good if it is weakened by being placed in a dusthana.

Her Jupiter is at 18 deg in neech rasi. Can I strengthen Guru, given she is wearing Emerald since Budha is inimical? Or is is better that for Meena lagna, saturn being a FM and also lord of a dusthana, it is better not to strengthen it?

Benefic, Malefic, Neutral Planets in Astrology

Your opinion is much appreciated Sir. From Capri the 12th is tending positive 3,12 for Guru, from Meena 11,12 12 is tending positive for saturn. From Aquarius Guru 2,11 is tending negative and from Dhanur, saturn 2,3 is tending negative. Is this neutrality due to ownership of the non-MK 9th? I think it is NOT due to being friendly to lagna lord Moon since it it were true, Budha would be neutral for Meena lagna. I am deducing this from your table and is my inference correct?

Sorry Vivek, meant for Makara lagna I meant.. Budha is owner of 6th and 9th MK and hence is more benefic than Jupiter is for Cancer lagna.. Sorry about the typo. Mars thinks of Saturn as neutral. Saturn thinks of Mars as an enemy. Yet , for a Mars lagna, you seem to see Saturn as highly enemical than the other way around. Am I mistaken or if I am not, why do you consider so? Unafflicted Mercury is considered to be a benefic. However, Mercury is almost always close to Sun.

How many degrees of placement away from Sun or other malefics will make it a benefic graha? Will this degree range change if Mercury is direct or in retrograde motion? I asked a similar question before to you VS ji.. But this is more relevant to it direct or retro movement.. Also, if one functional malefic and one other functional benefic aspect this Mercury, what will be the net effect? It will never be more than 28 degrees away from the sun ofcourse. For e.

Will planets placed in jyeshtha, revati etc give some malefic effects? What is your opinion about strength of Sun for Tula lagna? Being worst functional malefic ideally it should be weak but if say in 11th in Leo without affliction will ensure good income, great friends and good father. Also health and lagna gets fortified due to Rashi aspect. My question is: what is the catch?