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Many people want to go and study abroad as it increases their credibility in terms of career as well as matrimonial markets.

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Some people want to opt for overseas education due to lack of career opportunities in India in their respective streams. You may be one of them, so what are the combinations for overseas education in a horoscope? The houses 3,9,12 are primary houses for travel.

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The 7th house as per the classics too has a great role to play in overseas settlement it being the 4th from 4th by the principle of bhavat bhavam. The houses of education are 2,4,5,9. The 9th house signifies higher education, the connection of 8th house with these signifies engineering, research and technical oriented education. The connection of 5th lord to the 12th house or the 9th lord to the 12th house makes the combination of overseas education. In KP the connection of 4th cuspal sublord or the 9th cuspal sublord to the 12th house would mean overseas education provided the dasha signifies 3,4,9,12 houses for education and travel together.

The 5th house shows the aptitude of the person a malefic in the 5th house signifies the person having bent of mind towards technical subjects even though he may be educated in something else. In prashna horoscope the 4th and the 9th cuspal sublord will give a clue about overseas education. Will I get admission in so and so university? Will I get admission in the universities I have applied? Will I get a Visa for education, Should I apply for overseas education etc can be the queries. You are trying since long however things are getting too much difficult. There are many hurdles in your path to success.

You feel lonely and you feel lost. You can now stop worrying because you have to come to right place to find solution of your problem. There are astrology remedies for foreign settlement that will help you to settle down in your dream country. Nowadays things are not like the way they were before. People are no more restricting themselves due to borders between nations.

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The highly skilled people go to find their dream job in other country. Some countries offer jobs where people in good positions can earn so much that they can afford life of luxury. They get the type of career they want in their life. As a result, many of them chose to settle in foreign countries.

Education, Career and Abroad report | Om Sri Sai Jyotisha Vidyapeetham

They will not return to their homeland. Some people became very rich after starting business there. There is growth in number of students going to study abroad recently. Education system in many foreign counties is better than our education system.

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  • There are different types of courses for students. This gives them chance to have career in the field they like.

    They do not get such options in their homeland. Many students and families find higher education as best way to settle in foreign country. At first, students will go for completing their higher education. After completion of studies, they will start doing job there. Slowly, they will settle down there forever. Although there is so much increase in number of people wanting to go abroad, only few get success.

    If you are going for job there, the first challenge you will face is to find correct job for yourself. There are many people from all over the world who apply for limited position. Even if you get job offer that does not mean your problems are over.

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    • The main challenge is to get work visa. Every person has to go through painful process of applying visa. There are many people who have a job in hand and all arrangements in place. Just because they do not get visa, they fail in achieving their goals. If you are facing any of such issue, astrology remedies for foreign settlement will solve it. There are many rules for students who want to study abroad. Ketu bhukti is very difficult to interpret.

      It is seen to be causing sudden rise and fall in fortune. Sun represents royalty. It bring native in contact with dignitaries. May be that is why Brigu has mentioned this. If naiive who has exalted Sun in an movable rasi in the Ascendant, earns an everlasting fame in a foreign country v. Its dasa is the most interesting dasha as it would always involve changes, marriage, contact with foreigners, unlimited wealth if properly placed etc. It gives things foreign but does not promise satisfaction.

      According to Saravali when Rahu or Ketu join lords of 7,8,9,I2 foreign travel is involved. If Jupiter is exalted, or in its own sign in kendra or in trine from Ascendant, one visits the west. Mars in the 10th gets Digbal, as it is planet of authority. According to Western Astrology, if Mercury is. Here again Mercury will give better results in movable or dual rasis. Jatak Chintamani states that Mercury in 10th and Moon in 12th give foreign travel. Since 8th bouse is a mysterious bouse and deals with deep researches as well as travel by sea, there would be sometimes an involvement of this house also.

      Dasa of Rabu and 5th lord should invariably be watched and care should be taken to observe following points. This can be easily established by strong 5th, 9th houses and their lords, as well as strong placement of Mercury and Jupiter, significators for intellect and education. Foreign Travel for Diplomatic Services. Unless one is an imposter, his 9th, 5th and lOth houses should be very strong and interconnected. So, following features would be called for. Sun for fame and strong lagna lord to withstand the rigours of life in foreign countries.

      Saturn or Mars or both would be aspecting it to take the mind away from worldly affairs. Abroad Settlement. Major Principles : I. Since this involves transfer of residence one or two malefic influences on the fourth house are necessary.

      Sometimes there is affliction to the 4th house also from Moon. Alternatively, it takes place also during the dasa of a planet associated with Rahu. The role of Bhagya 9th lord is also important. It generally shows a connections with 12,9,8 or 6 houses. Pad lagna is the house removed as far away from lagna lord as latter is away afrom lagna. There is normally an affliction to the 4th house from Pad lagna and connection of 9th with, 12th, 6th, 8th, 9th houses or lords.

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      The parametres are I. Examine all these from the Moon and also in the navamsha. Examine all these from the Pada lagna also. Careers of air hostesses Their job involves flying, movement from place to place foreign journeys. So apply the following parameters. The 12th, 9th or 3rd houses which are the houses of journeys. Have they any connection with Rahu which brings one in contact with foreigners.

      Similar aspect to the 9th house promise long travel. The timing can be sometimes made with reference to the transit of Jupiter or his Trinal aspect over the M. Rahu and Kethu are no less important for signifying foreign travels unless they are well associated with a Yogakaraka planet and placed in a movable, the 9th or 12th house from the Ascendant or the Moon. From the entry of a planet into the 4th house, the time of return of a traveller may also be ascertained.

      If malefics associate with or aspect the Ascendant, there will be no change. If on the other hand malefics associate with or aspect or occupy the Ascendant, the person has not returned from abroad.