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They innately feel the pain of others, especially their partner, and sometimes they seem to understand their lover more than they themselves do. Being impressionable too means that they need to be treated tenderly in return. Their feelings easily hurt, criticism by those that they love can leave them deeply wounded. Friends and family need to nurture a Pisces; they need a lot of encouragement and reminders, but they will reward this with by developing their creative passions as well as their loyalty and compassion.

They do spend time with family but like to have the opportunity to reflect and introspect. Being deeply impressionable, Pisces sometimes have a difficult time creating boundaries. Creating distance between some members of family and developing healthy boundaries can be essential for Pisces to do.

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Pisces are very loyal and dedicated people. They are the types of people that will stay with the same job or company for decades, and can be the most trusted employees. Quiet workers, they do not share a lot of information which can make them seem self-absorbed, but they simply don't see a real need to share unless it is absolutely necessary.

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Pisces don't necessarily make great leaders, and don't enjoy being in leadership positions. However, they are great team workers and followers, and do enjoy being guides and teachers. As long as they have support from other signs around them, they will give great ideas and advice when encouraged. Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice.

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Close Cart. Download Printable Zodiac Cheat Sheets A black and white list of zodiac sign characteristics formatted for printers. Sign up to our mailing list download. View Deck. Learn How to Read Tarot Our tarot school of monsters and mischief awaits! Dive into the world of self knowledge and magic. Secure Love Sep 26, I think this is more about how others see that sign then how the sign sees itself.

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Nora Leon Apr 22, Jane Mar 24, I feel Pisces are charming and like to do what they want. So the not having boundaries part actually causes them not to be submissive, or a follower.

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They break the rules sometimes and in doing so control their own actions, and since Pisces are charming they can attract a lot of people and become great leaders although not intentionally. I agree that alcohol and drugs can be an issue for some Pisces and we are better without it.

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Alcohol can be a waste of time for a Pisces. I had a problem with the stuff that took me 40 years to figure out. My advice to other Pisces is — your inner self does not need drugs. You have too much to offer without clouding your mind. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. Related Items. Sign Up for Free Tarot Classes Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice.

The unveiling qualities of Pisces’ Tarot card

Sign up to our mailing list Subscribe. This website uses cookies to track our traffic and marketing efforts so that we may better serve you. Despite the generality, understanding the corresponding attributes between certain signs and the Minor Arcana can be extremely helpful when receiving a Tarot reading or offering a Tarot reading to others. Because when we receive Tarot reading, we use all the cards, and because each of us has a natal chart that reflects the whole zodiac, I encourage you to read each section and keep this information in mind next time you do a reading.

In the Minor Arcana, these signs are represented by the suite of Cups. There are 14 cards in each suite which, in this case, run from the Two of Cups to the Ten of Cups, have four face cards, and one ace. The face cards are traditionally represented as a Page, Knight, Queen, and King although many contemporary decks will vary their interpretation and naming to include non-binary and non-colonial representations. The suite of Cups is associated with the qualities most often attributed to water signs, such as emotional receptivity, relational fluidity, intuition, and psychic ability.

These qualities lend an emotional depth and perception to experiences of grief, friendship, heartache, and erotic connection. For example, the Three of Cups in a reading will signify strong friendship, building of community, creative collaboration, and reciprocity from those in your chosen circle. It is also often the case that water sign dominants tend to find a lot more Cups in their Tarot reading than the other signs—although this is less of a rule and more of an affirmation—since water signs are often drawn toward emotional labor and psychic development.

These signs are associated with the Wands or Rods of the Tarot. For example, the Six of Wands in a Tarot reading is likely an indication that the querent has had recent success in their endeavors and achieved some sort of recognition or reward for their efforts. In a deck of cards, the Wands are represented by the suite of Clubs. These signs represent qualities of groundedness, sensuality, fortitude, service, and material manifestation.

The suit of Pentacles deals of Earthly matters, that which grounds us, supports us, and keeps us afloat. And, because the Tarot is a tool for both divination and reflection, these cards can point us to the places within ourselves where we stand to grow. Take, for instance, the Four of Pentacles. This card will often indicate a person stable in their position, a person who feels that they have secured a respectable reputation and acquired an admirable skill set. In a way, this card is validating and reassuring.

And, yet, finding this card in a reading can also indicate a person who put too much weight on material matters and exists within a model of scarcity—afraid to venture beyond their comfort zone for fear of destabilization or failure. For this person, their need for security might get in the way of their ability to experience the manifold sensualities of an expansive approach to life.

As with the other elements and suites, a face card featuring the suite of Pentacles, such as the Page of Pentacles, often indicates a Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn in the life of the querent.