Capricorn february 2020 horoscope tina ptah

People who were born with the Sun or planets in these degrees, especially between Capricorn where Saturn goes retrograde are going to have those parts of their lives scrutinized by Saturn, weighing them down, hardening them, judging them. These are long term transits as you can see, so anyone who has points or planets between Capricorn is going to be going through some slow-moving but life-altering upheavals.

So the least we can do is get some tea brewing so we can sit and sip in relative comfort and watch out for these, erm, prominent people in government and media who all were born with planetary placements in Capricorn. He is currently the head of the Justice Department, which is sort of like putting Father McFeely in charge of a kindergarten. Or if Ed Gein were put in charge of a cemetery. More importantly than how awful Jeff Sessions is, is the fact that he was born with the Sun at 2 Capricorn conjunct Mars at 5 Capricorn.

Which means that Saturn is very close to conjoining both his Sun and his Mars. In fact as of writing this, Saturn is already on his Sun, and he has come under heavy criticism for his harsh proposals against states where marijuana is legal, even by other fellow congressional Republicans who miraculously tend to support marijuana legalization alongside Democrats.

Check out these Saturn transits for yourself! Saturn conjoined his Mars first through January-February of , and then it will be hitting his Mars and Sun again from June-November , due to the retrogradation of Saturn.